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CD Cooperation with Jay Mood "It's just a game"

In May 2022 the album "It's Just a Game" was released by the Bratislava band Jay Mood, who performed as the house band at the unforgettable Bratislava Blues Jam Sessions at Rustique from 2014.(Juraj Schweigert (harmonica, vocals), Lukáš Hrončiak (guitar), Juraj Kalász (double bass) and Juraj Raši (drums) )That's how the band met up with Jörg Danielsen, who hosts blues jam session in Vienna.Due to alternating "special guest interludes" with the respective house bands in Bratislava and Vienna, the album can therefore also be seen as an international connection between two big cities through blues music.It features eight original songs that build on the traditional style of Chicago blues and related genres.The band recorded the album in February 2022 in Pellendorf, Austria, where they managed to "capture" a blues jam session together.The album was self-published and produced by Juraj Schweigert. The recording and release of this album was publicly supported by the Art Support Fund (Slovakia).


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